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Creative Cartooning Workshop: 1 Session

Cartoon drawings by Gary Francis

Cartoon drawings by Gary Francis

About the instructor:  Gary Francis is an East Bay native and a lifelong artist with experience in many forms of art including painting, figure drawing, photo-realistic drawings, cartoons and animation.

Always passionate about art, Gary recently entered the world of photography. After two years attending the Academy of Art University in San Francisco he transferred to Laguna College of Art and Design in Laguna Beach and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in animation.

After working many freelance art jobs, Gary went into art education and successfully completed a teaching certificate in Early Childhood Education. He thoroughly enjoys teaching the art of cartooning to children and he hopes to continue teaching for many years.

Title:  Creative Cartooning: 1 Session 

Instructor:  Gary Francis

Date:  June 30
Day and Time:   Sunday, 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Description: In this exciting, fulfilling class students learn techniques for successful cartooning. Lessons are taught in the traditional way - constructing solid characters in classic Looney Tunes and Disney cartoon style.
The class covers the foundations of cartooning, from constructing characters, line of action, and getting the proper proportions to designing appealing characters and drawing clear poses.
As students become more comfortable cartooning they create their own characters and delve into the art of caricature, too. Since caricaturing and cartooning share many of the same principles students can easily make this leap.
Join Gary Francis for a fun, entertaining class… and be amazed how far the principles of creative cartooning can fulfill goals of creating skillful and appealing drawings.

Fees per workshop: 
​$45 Members; $55 Non-members

Notes:  Beginning to intermediate skill level.
Continuing students encouraged to attend.


By enrolling you are agreeing to the Frank Bette Center Cancellation Terms and Refund Policy.

For Members

For Non-Members

Materials List:

  • Sketch book (or paper)

  • Pencils

  • Eraser

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