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Figure Drawing with Live Model: 3 Sessions

Sveda by Dalar Alahverdi

Sveda by Dalar alahverdi

About the instructor:  Dalar Alahverdi is a contemporary visual artist with over ten years of teaching experience. Her passion in teaching lies in academic drawing and painting, where she demonstrates mastery. She is an active artist with numerous exhibitions in museums and galleries abroad and the United States.  She is honored to hold an MA in Painting from Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts and a second MA in Art Education from California State University, Long Beach. Read more about Dalar here

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Title:  Figure Drawing with Live Model:  

           3 Sessions 
Instructor:  Dalar Alahverdi

Dates:  July 11, 18, 25
​Day & Time:  Thursdays, 10:30 am - 1:30 pm
Description:  Welcome to our Figure Drawing Class, suitable for both beginners and those at the intermediate level. Throughout the course, we'll have a live model as our reference, helping you master the art of creating quick sketches and intricate, long-term human figure drawings. 

We will explore various drawing techniques, including pencil, charcoal, pen, and ink, allowing you to experiment and find your preferred medium. Additionally, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of human anatomy, gestures, and the use of tonal values in grayscale to add depth and realism to your drawings.

Fees:  $161 Members; $175 Non-members
Materials:  Downloadable list here!
**For returning students, you have the option to bring your preferred materials, such as pencil, charcoal, or ink and pen.

​Notes:  Beginner - intermediate artistic level;  18 - 100 years of age;  Minimum enrollment required for workshop to proceed.  No prerequisite.  Limited seating!


By enrolling you are agreeing to the Frank Bette Center Cancellation Terms and Refund Policy.

For Members

For Non-Members

Dalar Alahverdi

Artist, Dalar Alahverdi

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