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ATTENTION:  Classes and workshops are in-person unless otherwise noted.  We sometimes offer Zoom workshops for instructors out of our area.


Drawing classes


Mixed Media

Live figure drawing with Dalar Alahverdi
Elaine Carpenter's studio

Elaine Carpenter's Studio

IMPORTANT: Many of our classes and workshops are held upstairs.  If you have mobility concerns, please contact us  and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Note: Please call the gallery at 510-523-6957 if a class you are interested in is not posted here or email Programs

Along with our most popular classes and workshop the Center regularly presents a selection of new and different offerings. Our monthly Classes and Workshop online newsletter details dates, days and times, cost, a brief description of all classes, workshops, and programs as well as links to the website for more information and to enroll.  Subscribe below to this online newsletter.

FBCA Cancellation Terms and Refund Policy

Teaching at the Center


Demonstrations by many of our talented artists and photoagrapners. Whether it be watercolor, oil, pastel, or plein air painting or a walk through of Alameda on Camera we hope you enjoy these video.

Sveda by Dalar Alahverdi

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