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Our Generous Donors 

The Frank Bette Center for the Arts has been
awarded grants from the following: 

City of Alameda

Chabot-Las Positas CCD

Alameda Rotary Endowment Foundation

Our tireless Board of Directors who put in
many hours on numerous projects:

Yvonne Estrada

Margaret Fago

Joe Graceffo

Ros Harper

Maryanne Mock

Mark Schwabl

Kris Warrenburg


Benefactors $2,500 +

Chabot-Las Positas CCD 

City of Alameda

Sustainers $1,000 - $2,499

Alameda Rotary Endowment Foundation

Nancy and Steve Brandt 


Faye Wilson

Patrons $300 - $999

Edward & Joen Barbera

Elizabeth Bechtold

Causes for Good

Dick Davis Charitable Trust

 Dona Fuller

Patti Graham Itano

Eddy Lehrer

Rebecca Moffett

Trabocco Kitchen & Cocktails

Susan Tuttle

Friends of Frank

Donors $10 - $299

John Anderson

Eileen Blood-Golden 

Jeffrey Cullen

Marvin Dalander

Shari Arai DeBoer in honor of Larry Wilson​

Bernadette Delgado

Deborah Drew

James DuPont

Patricia Edith

The Selina H Faulhaber Trust
of 2003

Mi’chelle Fredrick

Andy Forrest

Robert Golden

Laurie Harper

Susan Hersch

Barbara James

Jean-Pierre Jacquet

Marcy Katzin

Marie Kotowski

Frederick Koenen

Roberta Kinkead

Charles Kovacic

Richard Lowe

Susan Matthews

Janice Mason

Bernice McCarthy

Andrew McKee

Kathryn Munn

John & Ruth Motter

Patricia Newman

Christopher Reece

Valerie Rogers

See’s Candies

The Sharron Living Trust

Madeline Shelby

Linda Sol

Nancy Suib

Mark Taxy

Michael Tarelka

Barbara R. Tapp

Penelope Washbourn

In-Kind Donations

Alameda Post 

CP Photos & Frames 

Dragon Rouge

East Bay Express

East Bay Magazine

Fine Art Museums of
San Francisco

Margaret Fago


M. Graham

Hill Newspapers 

Plein Air Magazine


Jack Richeson


South Shore Center


Trabocco Kitchen and Cocktails


Our volunteers who have donated countless hours
of their time and expertise to ensure our success: 

Adele Aced

Sandi Adams

Joen Barbera

Amanda Bechtold

Elizabeth Bechtold

Andrea Bishop

Eileen Blood-Golden

David Bock

Michele Bock

Nancy Brandt

Sally Cahill

Patti Cary

Conner Clark

Roger Clark

Scott Clark

Jeff Cullen

Deborah Dale

Maya del Angel

Diane Emery

Yvonne Estrada

Fred Fago

Margaret Fago

Paul Feinberg

Patty Ferrari

Jennifer Freesia

Joan Gombos

Nancy Gordon

Taggart Gorman

Rosalind Harper

Mary Louise Higgins

Barbara James

Marcy Katzin

Laura King

Marie Kotowski

Cynthia LaCroix

Bettie Laird

Pat Lamborn

Eddy Lehrer

Betsy Lewis

Jo Lowe

Richard Lowe

Charles Lucke

Steven MacDonald

Karen Braun Malpas

Sue Matthews

Sue McDonald

Andy McKee

Brandon Meins

Bz Meyers

Karen Mills

Maryanne Mock

Pierrette Moore

Patricia Moyes

Katharine Rice

Jay Rose

David Savellano
Genie Scott

Mark Schwabl

Tatiana Secu

Linda Sol

Carol Squicci

Jan Stamos

Michael Teresko
Myrna Van Lunteren

Shauna Vaughn

Kris Warrenburg

Karen Wirth

Cindy Wondolleck

Our art instructors and program directors for their
donation of time for community demonstrations:

Cathy Boyer

Cathy Dana

Nanette Deetz

Mela Delgado

Barbara DiSalvo

Margaret Fago

Marilyn Flower

Gary Francis

Rebeca Garcia-Gonzalez

Colleen Gianatiempo

Wendy Soneson

Kimi Sugioka

Emily Weil

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Mike Connors Family, Building 43 Winery for hosting Art & Wine fundraiser, Nancy Gordon for hosting Art in the Garden fundraiser Norma Alejo for keeping the center clean and
Victor Suarez of Suarez Roofing for our beautiful new roof.

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