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Featured Guest Leaders

Alameda Island Poets Workshop ~ Thursday, June 13 ~ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm ~ On Zoom

Featured co-leaders: Audrey T. Williams and Alison Hart

Here's what Audrey and Alison say about the workshop:

Alison Hart and Audrey Williams will co-moderate an experiential, generative poetry workshop following the "Poetry as a Tool for Wellness" format from the Institute of Poetic Medicine, where Audrey completed facilitator training in December of last year. They will share 2-3 poems on the theme of wellness, then will open the space for discussion and generative writing to share as time allows.

Audrey T. Williams.png

                                                               Audrey T. Williams

Audrey T. Williams is a speculative literary artist who writes poetry, fiction, and lyrical essays. Her work is rooted in heritage and ancestral connections. She believes stories can shift hearts and minds by reimagining and reframing the narratives we tell ourselves about ourselves to bring meaning to our lives. Audrey amplifies the voices of emerging BIPOC writers through her nonprofit,  Connect with Audrey online: @audthentic_stories | @Virgule2020

Alison Hart.png

                                                                     Alison Hart

Alison Hart’s work centers on her Black and Indigenous ancestors from New England,  healing intergenerational/historical trauma, mixed-race identity, and uncovering the brutal truth of American history.  National Book award-winning author Isabel Allende introduced Alison and her debut novel Mostly White (Torrey House Press, 2018) at Book Passage in Corte Madera, CA. Isabel Allende praised Mostly White as: "So compelling it gave me goosebumps from the very first lines."  Other works include a poetry collection, Temp Words (Cosmo Press, 2015) and selected poems in Red Indian Road West: Native American Poetry in California (Scarlet Tanager, 2016).  Hart studied theater at Tisch School of The Arts, New York University (B.F.A.), and education at Saint Mary’s College (M.A.). She identifies as a mixed-race Passamaquoddy Native American, Irish, Black, Scottish, and English woman of color. She is an author, musician, music educator and mother. For more info: Mixed Race | Alison Hart Mostly White | United States

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