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Featured Guest Readers

Alameda Island Poets ~ Wednesday, June 5 ~ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm ~ On Zoom

Featured readers: Mixed with Black Writers Collective

The Mixed with Black Writers Collective writers include Alison Hart, Tara Christina, Desi Lenc, TaRessa Stovall, and Audrey Williams. Their vision is: "A welcoming, nurturing affinity space for writers who are Mixed w/Black and want to be part of a community where we support each other in our writing efforts, projects, and journeys." Writers

Alison Hart

                                                             Alison Hart

Alison Hart’s work centers on her Black and Indigenous ancestors from New England,  healing intergenerational/historical trauma, mixed-race identity, and uncovering the brutal truth of American history.  National Book award-winning author Isabel Allende introduced Alison and her debut novel Mostly White (Torrey House Press, 2018) at Book Passage in Corte Madera, CA. Isabel Allende praised Mostly White as: "So compelling it gave me goosebumps from the very first lines."  Other works include a poetry collection, Temp Words (Cosmo Press, 2015) and selected poems in Red Indian Road West: Native American Poetry in California (Scarlet Tanager, 2016).  Hart studied theater at Tisch School of The Arts, New York University (B.F.A.), and education at Saint Mary’s College (M.A.). She identifies as a mixed-race Passamaquoddy Native American, Irish, Black, Scottish, and English woman of color. She is an author, musician, music educator and mother. For more info: Mixed Race | Alison Hart Mostly White | United States

Tara Christina.

        Tara Christina

Tara Christina is a Mother, Author and Tea Maker living in the Bay Area. She has been blogging for over 10 years on health and wellness. Tara is the author of essay collection "More than a Drop," and has published articles on the Good Men Project and She is now working on her first novel.  Tara loves good food, great tea, herbal medicine, high quality red wine, and time in nature. When she’s not mothering her teen son, loving her fur babies, writing or making tea, Tara’s in nature absorbing its elements. You can read more at


Desi Lenc

                                                                           Desi Lenc

With a bachelor’s degree in creative writing from Northridge State University, Desi Lenc writes stories that explore the healing potential dream work can have in our lives. As a writer, Desi has an ability to recognize the interplay of symbols and metaphor of dreams that illuminate inner narratives.  She is an advocate for the soul enriching practice of communal dream sharing. She has held dream and writing workshops with Midnight & Indigo and The International Women’s Writing Guild. Her passion for assisting writers in exploring their creativity led her to the Operations Manager position at Resource For Writers. She has participated in various readings and panels around the Bay Area, including FogCon, Lit Quake, Beast Crawl, and FIYAH Magazine’s An Afrofuturist Reading. You can find her writing in Midnight & Indigo and Spirituality & Health Magazine.  Read more about Desi here!

TaRessa Stovall

                                                                        TaRessa Stovall

TaRessa Stovall is an outspoken Mixed-race #BLEWISH Boomer who lives, writes, and advocates at the intersection of racial identity and social justice. She is an acclaimed author whose titles include The Buffalo Soldiers, A Love Supreme: Real-Life Stories of Black Love, and The Hot Spot (a novel). She co-edited the popular anthologies Proverbs for the People, Other People’s Skin, and My Blue Suede Shoes. TaRessa’s most recent book is her Mixed memoir, SWIRL GIRL: Coming of Race in the USA.  With a background that blends poetry, marketing, public relations, strategic communications, and speechwriting, TaRessa currently blogs at Mixed Auntie Confidential, and is a guest co-host on the award-winning podcast “Militantly Mixed,” and the online radio show “Seattle Here and Now.” Her award-winning journalism has appeared in The Crisis, Madame Noire, The Forward, The Montclair Times, Nosher, USA Weekend, and other outlets. She is a graduate of The Evergreen State College Sankofa Program and the proud mom of a son and daughter, both multi-talented creatives and published writers / authors.

Audrey T. Williams.

                                                                    Audrey T. Williams

Audrey T. Williams is a speculative literary artist who writes poetry, fiction, and lyrical essays. Her work is rooted in heritage and ancestral connections. She believes stories can shift hearts and minds by reimagining and reframing the narratives we tell ourselves about ourselves to bring meaning to our lives. Audrey amplifies the voices of emerging BIPOC writers through her nonprofit,  Connect with Audrey online: @audthentic_stories | @Virgule2020

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